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Actionable insights for


Actionable insights for


Actionable insights for


Actionable insights for

Public Health

Actionable insights for


Actionable insights for


  • Behavioral Intelligence

    Enabling data-driven strategic decisions based on human behavior insights. Access Neura’s real-life data network for visibility into competitor landscape, emerging trends and population movement

  • Audiences

    Access unique audiences giving visibility into industry specific interactions and activities. Identify market expansion opportunities and real-time needs for targeting based on real-world behavior

  • CRM Enrichment

    Discover new audiences submerged in existing CRM’s. Learn users’ lifestyle, preferences, needs and personas for engagement optimization, unleashing hidden revenue potential

  • Monetization

    Reach consumers with contextual and moment-based messaging, identifying when customers are open to engage and convert. Enabling a better experience and optimized user journey

Behavioral Intelligence Platform

Neura empowers organizations to drive strategic, data-driven decisions based on large scale human behavior and activity signals. The Behavior Intelligence Platform transforms vast amounts of anonymized data into actionable, impactful and monetizable insights based on population behavior and lifestyle.

  • Business Traveler
  • Workaholic
  • Commuter
  • Sports fan
  • Looking for a car
  • Socialite
  • Video Lover
  • Persistent
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
Behavioral Intelligence

Actionable insights for decision makers

Make strategic, data-driven decisions, based on consumer and citizen behavior. Leverage Neura’s data network and gain access to competitor Insights, population behavior, mobility anlysis, and more.

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Customer Acquisition

Personality and lifestyle based audiences

Expand your addressable market and better target your campaigns by leveraging behavior based audiences. Neura analyzes hundreds of millions of data-points worldwide, and intelligently generates high LTV audiences based on each user’s unique lifestyle and behavioral traits.

Marketing  Retail  Mobility 
CRM Enrichment

A 360 view of each customer

Gain visibility into existing consumers real life behavior and habits. Increasing in depth understanding enables the expansion of a monetizable user base by identifying non commercialised segments with similar patterns to high value users.

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The right user, at the right time.

Neura enables brands to deliver contextually relevant consumer experiences, pinpointing exact moments of availability to engage, resulting in increased conversion rates, retention and overall higher user LTV.

  • Mobility
  • Health
  • Food Delivery
  • Retail
  • Finance
  • Media
  • Travel
  • Insurance
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Dating

Get more riders

  • See who is frequently riding with competitors
  • Target long riders for new acquisition
  • Pinpoint moments of need to offer a ride
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Heal more people

  • See behavior patterns of stressed, health minded & overworked people
  • Gain insights into what your users are doing in the real world
  • Pinpoint moments of need to send a message to help
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Feed more people

  • Expand audience base, see who recently moved or is WFH
  • Personalize your users, offer a family meal to busy parents with kids.
  • Identify moments when users are hungry, for expediated delivery.
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Get more shoppers

  • Access consumers shopping at your competitors
  • Learn user real-life preferences for contextually relevant offers.
  • Reduce abandon cart, identify moments of availability to complete purchase
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Gain market growth

  • Get insights in socio-economic lifestyle changes
  • Identify real-life needs for cross over loans to increase monetization
  • Message users when they have time to complete forms
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Gain a larger audience

  • Identify new audiences and learn their real-life interests
  • Target active sports enthusiasts with content they are really interested in
  • Message users with interest based content when they are ready to watch
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Get more travelers

  • See new travelors using the competition
  • Expand customer acquisition with insights into audience real-life travel destinations
  • Identify your customers traveling again with other companies
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Keep calm & insure

  • Gain Insight into population lifestyle changes, identifying policy neeeds
  • Target recent movers with new home insurance policies
  • Message users when they are idle on the couch with time to complete forms
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Keep players playing

  • Really understand your players off game personas
  • Increase daily active play with messages relevant to players real life interests
  • Churn indicators enable communication at moments of availability to keeping players playing
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Inspiring education

  • See who is ready to start a new course
  • Learn valuable insights into what users like to do in real-life, offerrelevant courses
  • Identify when users have time to invest in study, message at optimum moments to encourage learning
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The one is out there

  • Are people out and about or still staying home, insights into making real connections
  • Target new unique interest based audiences with relevant niche content.
  • Pinpoint moments of user availbility to message about a match, increase open rates
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Dekui Zhang
Executive Director, Lenovo Smart Device Development

"Neura's AI enables apps and devices to deliver experiences that adapt to who their users are and react to what they do throughout the day. The more personalized experience results in increased engagement and reduced churn."

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