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Maximize current ridership and pinpoint future strategic growth

Real-life insights enabling mobility companies to anticipate and qualify demand, resulting in cost effective planning and increasing revenue

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Better serve residents with visibility into real needs and preferences

Insights into population movement and real-life behavior enable city officials to make smart relevant decisions for effective planning and efficient use of resources

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Reach users in times of need

Mobile sensory data analysing behavior unlocks visibility into new audiences and windows of opportunity to reach users

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Relying heavily on data to stay relevant

Hyper segmentation, hyper personalization and moments of availibility are essential for effective brand – buyer communication.

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Provide a better travel experience with advanced traveler insights

Travel insights isn’t just about where a traveler is coming from and going to, it’s about understanding what they will do when they get there. Where they’ll stay, visit, shop and what kind of services should be offered

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  • Demand Discovery

    Identify high demand hotspots of activity to pinpoint allocation of services in order to maximize usage and operational efficiency

  • Market Expansion

    Recognize areas of the fastest potential distribution of services in order to identify growth opportunities and gain market share

  • Consumer Segmentation

    Discover user personas and behavioral traits to uncover segments of riders for an accurate match of services with real needs and preferences

  • Competitor Intelligence

    Uncover competitive intelligence and gain visibility into industry market share and brand engagement for strategic data-driven solutions

Behavioral Intelligence Platform

Neura empowers organizations to drive strategic, data-driven decisions based on large scale human behavior and activity signals. The Behavior Intelligence Platform transforms vast amounts of anonymized data into actionable, impactful and monetizable insights based on population behavior and lifestyle.

  • Business Traveler
  • Workaholic
  • Commuter
  • Sports fan
  • Looking for a car
  • Socialite
  • Video Lover
  • Persistent
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
Demand Discovery

See Real Time Demand to Make Strategic Data-Driven Decisions

Maximize optimum resource allocation by gaining visibility into real demand (heat map). See clusters and cohorts in an area, category, and on a brand level.

Adjust supply and address key concerns to implement the right solutions matched with specific demands.

Insights include: Peak arrival & departure times, origin and destination density, revenue potential distribution, optimum usage index, and more…

Market Expansion

Uncover Commuter Patterns to Gain Market Share

Optimize planning and operations by identifying population distribution over time, and distribution by distance and frequency.

Understand and anticipate needs of users for smart allocation of resources and communication.

Insights include: Foot traffic rates, time spent in venue, top visitation categories, providing an in-depth understanding of visitor POI.

Consumer Segmentation

Identify User Personas to Provide the Right Solutions

Build better communication and engagement by differentiating audience types and trip purposes.

Includes an added layer of data to provide a more tailored customer experience to link services with real-life needs and preferences.

Insights include: User type, lifestyle habits, trip reason in an area, category, or branch for a more tailored customer experience.

Competitor Intelligence

Understand the Competitor Landscape to Recognize Real Market Potential

Zoom out for a macro view of available market share by seeing brand and user comparisons.

Visibility into brand sharing and engagement metrics in order to realize the full growth potential.

Insights include: Where time is spent, brand sharing metrics, modes of transportation, trends over time and more to see segment revenue potential.

Dekui Zhang
Executive Director, Lenovo Smart Device Development

"Neura's AI enables apps and devices to deliver experiences that adapt to who their users are and react to what they do throughout the day. The more personalized experience results in increased engagement and reduced churn."

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