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Empower Safer Decisions

Enter any location. See the COVID-19 safety score. It’s that simple.

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Step 1

How it works

ViruSafe is a ready to embed tool that shows COVID-19 transmission safety scores down to a building level, additional features include scores by searched address, and advanced visualization on an interactive map.

Step 2

Real-Time Risk Scores

Display the mini bar on your site or app to show users their current real-time location risk score.

Choose from an easy to embed option or get the API to create your own look and feel.

Step 3

Easy Embed

Grab the embed code below or customizable script for easy integration with your web or mobile property.

Step 4

Free to Start

Fill in the contact form below with your details to receive an API key. Once implemented the first 100k API calls per month are free (100k each month).

Step 5

Interactive Features

For the advanced features, including search and map visualization, contact us at: virusafe@theneura.com, or click here to chat now.

See ViruSafe in Action

Transmission is invisible, until now. ViruSafe shows you where transmission is actually happening helping you to make safer decisions and avoid infection.

ViruSafe Embed Options

Let us know a bit about you and we will be in touch with an API key to start pulling safety scores.  Choose from a ready to deploy widget, or an API script for a custom look and feel.

Get Your API Key

  • Media

    Audience safety application for returning readers

  • Government

    City and Country level citizen safety

  • Travel

    Local travel safety information for users

Easy to integrate, real-time COVID-19 safety information
for your website or app

  • Density

    Detect the population density of indoor and outdoor locations - identify areas of high density, crowd-gathering, and crowding in order to make educated decisions on safe areas

  • High Transmission Zones

    Address areas of high COVID-19 transmission, to go beyond individual COVID-19 patient locations, to zero-in on where the virus is actually spreading. Discover micro and macro level trends for safety

  • Social Distancing Index

    Identify areas where proximity and distance isn’t adhered to in order to determine social distancing compliance, and areas that can use additional attention and regulation

  • SafeScore

    Determine the safety of an area from neighborhood to building level, taking into account confirmed cases, transmission areas, social distancing adherence, and more


Here are our most recently asked questions, if you have additional questions email us at info@theneura.com

  • How long does the implementation take?

    The implementation takes just a few hours from start to finish with implementation and QA testing.

  • Where do you get your data?

    Neura’s data network is based on multiple aggregated anonymised data sources.

  • What regions do you cover?

    We currently cover North and South America, Western Europe, and some parts of Asia, and are constantly increasing our coverage. If that doesn’t cover your country, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • What do we need to get started?

    Getting started is quick and easy, once you fill out our contact form on this page we will email you with your API key in 1-2 business days.

  • How do we get the key?

    Our team will send you an email in 1-2 business days with your API key.

  • Can we customize the display?

    Yes, you can customize the display to uniquely fit your website page, changing features such as color, font, display ordering, etc.

  • How do you guarantee privacy?

    All of our data is completely confidential, we hold ourselves to the highest security standards; we are GDPR Compliant, ISO 27001 Certified, and CCPA Compliant.

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