Updates to Our Privacy Policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy effective March 27th, 2019. Learn More

Your data is safe with Neura

We understand the importance of protecting user data, and are committed to maintaining a secure, reliable environment that you and your users can trust.

We keep your data private

Neura is committed to ensuring that your data and the personal information of your end users are kept confidential. For information about the data we collect and what we use it for, please review our privacy policy.

We’ve got the compliance certificates to prove it

The Neura security and privacy model is based on and proactively adheres to international standards and industry best practices to keep your data secure.

Start Using Neura Today

Neura helps leading mobile brands drive higher customer engagement & retention with AI-powered insights and advanced campaign segmentation & triggering. If you’re interested in using real-world behavioral data to revolutionize your mobile marketing strategy, get in touch with us today.

Security Questions and Reports

Neura’s Security Committee is in charge of setting and enforcing security standards and policies and managing security incidents. If you have questions related to security, please contact us at security@theneura.com.

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