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Offer Personalized Transportation Solutions

How a user gets to work – bus, Uber, by foot – drastically changes their experience. Knowing a user’s habits and behaviors enables you to capitalize on their commute in the moment. With Neura you can:

Safe Commuting

Know when a driver didn’t sleep enough the night before or if they’ve just spent the last few hours at a bar and suggest sending a pick-up service for the driver to eliminate unsafe driving conditions.

Carpooling Perfection

Suggest car-pooling based on users’ locations and expected routes.

Personal Breaks

Understand that a driver has been driving for a long time and suggest a break at a favorite spot on the way based on their personal preference.

Public transportation

Whether they take the bus, train, or subway, each of users has their own personal routine. By identifying each user’s daily route with Neura, you can easily suggest when to leave home, which station they should take the bus from, and even improve their commute times.

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Ride sharing

Carpooling is a great way to save money, time, and help the environment, but it can be hard to organize. With Neura you can understand each user’s daily route and approximate location and suggest users with similar routes and schedules to ride together.

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Each flight your users take is different. It can be alone, with a colleague, or with family. It can be for business or pleasure. With Neura you can identify your users’ personas and traveling habits. Help your users find the best flight deals based on their needs and improve your offering to each individual user.

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