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Make Smart Home Products Intelligent

Offer a More Personalized Smart Home

A truly smart home is a home that doesn’t only connect devices to their users, but also understands the people that live in it and their needs. Neura allows you to enhance your smart home offering by understanding situations and moments in your users lives and adapting to them. Neura allows you to:

Automatic Home Protection

Automatically lock the doors and arm the alarm system when everyone has left the house

Increase comfort

Prepare the home based on the user’s situation when arriving (turn on the AC when the user is returning home from a run)

Save energy

Detect that everyone fell asleep and turn off the TV, dim the lights, and lower the A/Cs power for the night to save energy

Safety and Security

Protection of family and belongs is one of the highest priorities for consumers. Better meet consumers’ needs by enabling automatic home protection solutions that includes learned customizations such as “night mode” capabilities and reminders that match the consumers’ family.

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Energy and Cost Management

Wasting energy impacts the environment and wastes money. Help your customers manage both by automatically regulating thermostats, lighting, and water to match their lifestyles. Neura enables your products to even respond with real-time situations such when everyone in a home has fallen asleep TVs can turn off and A/C can adjust.

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Comfort and Entertainment

When Smart Home products anticipate a user’s needs and preferences, they become invaluable to a user’s life and comfort. Whether making coffee and open blinds when I user wakes up or preparing the home for a user’s arrival, knowing the user’s throughout their day improves the experience with products at home.

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Neura makes great products even better by enabling them to personalize to each family members needs throughout the day.