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Offer Personalized Shopping Experiences

Being aware of your customers’ personal needs and lifestyle is a must if you wish to create marketing messages that truly connect your users with your brand. With Neura you can:

Welcome Shoppers

Understand when shoppers are at the store and offer tailored messages about discount for their shopping visit.

Anticipate Visits

Predict future visits to your store based on past habits and suggest tips and discounts in advance.

On-time Deliveries

Understand when customers are at home and available to receive deliveries.

Courier Deliveries

Allow your online commerce app to know when you customers are home and available and offer to deliver their packages to them when convenient.

Suggest Deals Based on User Persona

Understand each user’s persona, habits, and interests. Suggest special deals tailored to their needs, for example – suggest deals on sport equipment to avid runners.

Department Stores

Detect when they arrive at your stores and suggest special deals at the store that they are visiting.

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