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Media & Entertainment

Personalize your Offering for Every User

Media and entertainment choices are based on personal taste, but they also revolve around situations. With Neura you’ll be able to understand your users situations and moments and tailor your content offering based on their current needs. You’ll be able to:

Get Situation Awareness

Know when a user is running, walking, or on the bus and suggest the right content for the situation.

Be a Crowd Pleaser

Know when a user is alone or with people and suggest the right content that will fit all users.

Always Be on Time

Engage your users when they are free and attentive with suggestions for new music and entertainment.

Better Publication Deliveries

In a world full of headlines, blog posts, tweets, and constantly breaking news – readers attention is the most valuable commodity. Delivering written content at the right moment when the user is attentive, receptive, and free to read it, means delivering content that will be read.

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Perfect Music Playlists

As a music provider, you want to tailor playlists and new music to your users’ preferences. But knowing the type of the music your users like listening only gets you half way there. Users’ musical picks depend on their situation – they have a different selection for when they are running, at work, or about to go to sleep. With Neura, you can start basing your music offering around user-centric moments.

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The Right Movies, At the Right Time

Some movies are best when watched with a few friends. Some are meant to be watched by couples. Some are just personal guilty pleasures people like watching on their own. With Neura you’ll be able to tailor your video offering based on who’s at home and suggest the right content to them based on shared taste.

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