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Make Insurance Personal to Each Customer

Insurance isn’t just about “when things go wrong.” It’s also about doing everything possible to prevent accidents, sickness and tragedies. With Neura you’re be able to:

Healthier living

Help your users live healthier in order to avoid chronic conditions before they encounter them.

Manage Chronic Illness

Understand when drivers aren’t well rested to anticipate dangerous drives and prevent them

Be a Protector

Protect users’ home by helping them keep their alert devices active and operational, and by knowing when they’re away to keep their houses safe

Automotive Insurance

Identify driving habits and help your users stay safe while they are driving by detecting and predicting dangerous driving scenarios.

Health Insurance

Help your users live a healthier lifestyle by detecting where they can improve unhealthy habits, such as walking to work instead of driving and taking active breaks while at work.

Property Insurance

Home safety starts with maintaining better habits. Remind your users to lock the doors when they leave home, notify them when it’s time to check the smoke alarms, and help them stay safer at home.

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