Improve Health at Each Critical Moment

Tailor your Digital Health Solution to Each User's Personal Needs

A more personalized health service means a more focused treatment, less visits to the doctor, and overall better living. With Neura you’ll be able to:

Manage Chronic Illness

Remind to check blood glucose levels after the user has slept less than they usually do

Measure Activity in Your App

Measure how active users were in different places to address their good and bad habits

Increase Adherence

Send your users predictive bedtime pill reminders before they fall asleep

Disease Management

Responding to each user’s contextual needs results in better health outcomes. By understanding moments in your user’s day, you can predict how their activity may affect their condition and help them manage it better.

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Medication Adherence

Neura’s AI takes medicine reminders to a new level. Use Neura to boost medication adherence app by as much as 88%.

Engage users at critical times of their day.

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Matching your user lifestyle has shown to increase retention by as much as 31%. Neura’s AI allows you to stay attentive to your users’ activities. Machine learning algorithms create insights about your users’ day-to-day life that let you respond to their precise needs.

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Find out how MyDays increased engagement by 51% in the first 30 days.

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