Offer Better Driving Experiences

Smart cars, smart roads, and IoT devices are making it easier than ever to understand and react to drivers and cars on the road. Neura helps complete this picture by providing snapshots of the drivers’ behavior, while they’re out of the car. With Neura you’re able to:

Better Ride Planning

Predict each driver’s next commute (for example, from home to the office), and alert them if there isn’t enough fuel or electricity for the upcoming trip. Suggest charging ahead or leaving a few minutes early to stop for gas.

More Entertaining Drives

Adjust music recommendations based on the time of day (suggest more up-beat music when the driver is driving at night) or based on who’s in the car (play a driver’s favorite podcast when they are driving alone).

Ultimate Comfort

Automatically prepare the driver’s car in advance for their ride to work (preheat or pre-cool the car).