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Discover moments of availability
in the life of each user

Reach each user at the moments that they are most likely to engage & convert

It’s time to really get to know your users

Uncover the relationships between each user’s real-world behavior and the actions they take in your app to increase conversion rates using actionable insights.

Neura Insights

Engage each user at the right moment

Deliver contextually relevant, real-time interactions and personalized customer experiences, at scale, with powerful engagement tools that integrate with your mobile marketing stack.

Neura Actions
    Ultra-Low Battery Consumption

    Neura consumes less than 1% of battery per day.


    SDKs available for iOS and Android. Library Support for Cordova, React Native, Corona.


    ISO 27001 certified. Encrypted and anonymised. Security is a core pillar of our development best practices.

    Privacy Compliant

    We take privacy and user anonymity very seriously, supporting HIPAA, FDA and GDPR compliant customers.