Optimized EV Charging Station Placement for OEM Brands

Location, location, location: business growth often depends on where users will find a service. Neura assisted one of the largest luxury OEM manufacturing brands in optimizing their charging station placement.


Electric vehicle manufacturing stations are in increasingly high demand. The EV market is projected to grow 46.6% from 2020 to 2027 as increased pressure from governments and global environmental organizations continue to raise the importance of committing to environmental sustainability with a direct impact on zero emission cars.


In an effort to propagate continued advancements in this area, Neura worked with one of the largest electric vehicle manufacturing companies, providing key insights on where to place their EV charging stations across cities and counties.


There are a plethora of variables to consider when deploying EV charging stations, most notably where to place them. One customer we worked closely with was committed to understanding the optimal locations to place their charging stations in order to provide the most ease of use and convenience for their customers. This brand understood that movement patterns, locations visited, and duration stayed was essential to providing optimal service.


Expanding Worldwide Through Strategic Placement


The zero emission auto industry is rocketing, backed by pressure from environmental organizations and governments concerned with environmental sustainability.


There are a plethora of variables to consider when deploying EV charging stations, most notably where to place them. Placing EV charging stations where users can easily access them was the million-dollar question for one of the largest electric vehicle manufacturing companies. Here, Neura provided key insights on the exact locations where EV charging stations should be installed across cities and counties in order to provide the best service to their customers.


In order to do so it was essential for our client to understand their users’ movement patterns, including which locations they visited and for how long they stayed.


The immediate pain point was clear: electric vehicle manufacturers may have a great deal of insight on what their customers benefit from in their car, but minimal to no information on what type of location would be convenient for charging stations.


Neura’s role in this brand’s decision making was to bring data-driven insights about driving patterns in order to uncover key indicators that would have a powerful impact on determining optimal station placement.


Operational efficiency is critical when it comes to electric vehicle charging. People usually want to charge their car while also doing something else, such as running errands or making another relevant stop along the way. If drivers finish their shopping quickly, they would need to stay longer than needed in order to fully charge their vehicle. If the car is fully charged before they complete their shopping, drivers have to find alternative parking to continue their visit.


By plotting and analyzing the following indicators, companies are able to determine the optimal location of charging stations based on data driven metrics:

-The frequency of stops made by drivers
-The types of locations visited (e.g. businesses, malls, banks, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.)
-The duration of stay at each location

Taking Action

Neura analyzed customer data about movement and driving patterns to understand relevant insights about behavior across various zip codes and cities.


We started this process by plotting all of the users’ stops on a map to understand where people are going to and from, which locations are frequently visited, and how long users tend to stay at each location.


From that information, Neura helped this brand understand where their customers were traveling to most frequently (for example, the types of businesses by sector as well as by brand) in order to better understand hotspots of interest and determine where external resources should be placed.


A deep understanding of your target market and customers’ behavior will give you the tools you need to grow your business, and provide a better service than your competition.


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in EV charging stations deployed in the scope of the next 12-18 months. Due to understanding hotspots of peak interest and optimization, Neura helps brands deploy more charging stations.


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