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Knowledge is Power

Neura Insights uncovers the relationships between each user’s real-world behavior and the actions they take in your app using powerful signals from the world around us.

See the whole picture

Discover what your users are doing in the real-world when they engage with features in your app. Understand the real-world behavior of your most loyal users. Uncover engagement opportunities that boost your business KPIs using the Neura Insights Dashboard.

Stop guessing what users are doing

Neura Behavior Attribution™ helps you understand what your users are doing when they engage with features in your app. How many of your users are sleeping when you send them a push notification? Should you wait to engage until after the user has stopped driving? If you sent a reminder when the user wakes up, would they be more likely to form a daily habit?

Capture the moment

Every engagement—from opening the app to making a purchase—corresponds to a moment in each user’s life. Neura uncovers real-world Moments and routines, such as waking up, leaving home, commuting to work, and arriving to the gym, that can be used to deliver timely and relevant interactions, driving increased engagement and retention.

Neura Moments™

Really get to know your customers

Every user has a distinct lifestyle—a morning commuter, a workaholic, an avid runner, a student, a stay-at-home-parent—and you need to provide dynamic, personalized experiences that adapt to meet their needs and preferences.

Neura intelligently segments your audience based on each user’s unique lifestyle and behavioral traits. Send gaming notifications to “Morning Commuters” as they get on the train and tailor specific campaigns to Fitness Enthusiasts, Hard Workers, and users that are Sleep Deprived. Because web traffic, age, gender, and location are only part of the story.

Neura True Personas™