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AI-Fueled APIs Make Interesting Products Exciting

Engaging at the Perfect Moment

A moment is a change in the “situation” of the user. In other words, it could be defined as when one thing stops and another begins. For example, when a user stops sleeping and wakes up. It is knowing and enabling a product to act at this exact moment that makes Neura so powerful.

Check out the Neura Moments API documentation to learn more.

Adapting to Each User

There’s a clear difference between knowing a user’s intentions and knowing a user. Purchasing a fitness tracking device shows intent, but it’s only when that device can adapt to a user’s true persona that engage is sustained. In the world’s crowded marketplace, it’s the difference between becoming an integral part of the user’s life or the flavor of the month.

Learn about the Neura Insights API.

Anticipating Users’ Needs

It’s when knowing a user and recognizing key moments is combined with being able to accurately predict their behavior or intent, that a product becomes most valuable.

Neura Prediction Services are based on the Neura AI engine’s ability to recognize user behavior, learn and analyze it – then make informed predictions about the user’s future actions.

Learn how to use Neura’s Prediction Services through its Prediction API.