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Urban Intelligence

Data driven decision making

Insights into population movement and real-life behavior enable government officials and city planners to make smart relevant decisions

  • Behavioral Intelligence

    Actionable insights into inter and intra city travel, high trafficked areas and popular throughways for smart planning

  • Audiences

    Visibility into travel patterns, and heavily frequented locations, provides important information for targeted messaging to attract commercial interest

  • CRM Enrichment

    Behavioral segmentation of the population identifies strong and weak spots in meeting residents needs and overall satisfaction

  • Monetization

    Identify consumer choices with visibility into where the population moves for various commercial activities, from retail, entertainment to essential goods

Behavioral Intelligence

Population hotspots and behavior patterns

By gaining visibility into a population's travel habits, impactful decision can be made to better monitor, protect, communicate to and serve citizens.


Identify residents wants & needs

Knowledge into consumer habits and interests of the surrounding population, enable a focus on valuable in-demand commercial opportunities to attract new residents.

CRM Enrichment

Increase citizen safety & satisfaction

With an in-depth understanding of citizens' personal traits, gain the ability to pinpoint needs, regulate traffic control, decide on local attractions and retail opportunities.


Anticipate where, when and what residents want

Attract future residents and serve the current ones by planning for predictive population trends and allocate resources accordingly. Communicate now what they want next.

How do I get started?

Neura’s behavior intelligence platform facilitates smart data-driven business decisions. Learn how we transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights enabling deep CRM enrichment, identification of new audiences for acquisition, as well as pinpointing moments of availability for increasing existing user monetization.

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