Provide a better travel experience with advanced traveler insights

Travel insights aren’t just about where a traveler is coming from and going to, it’s about understanding what they will do when they get there e.g. where they’ll stay, visit, shop, and what kind of services they should be offered

  • Demand Discovery

    Leverages a wide set of human behavior based indicators for addressing the strategic allocation of tourism solutions and recommendations

  • Market Expansion

    Analyzes behaviors such as visiter hotspots travel patterns, duration and frequency, providing an in depth understanding to positively impact local tourism

  • Population Segmentation

    Includes an added layer of data showing the type of traveler in a segment, to build better lasting relationships and tailored offers

  • Competitor Intelligence

    Visibility into where travelers are spending their budgets, favored hotels, modes of transport and entertainment hotspots to maximize revenue opportunities

Demand Discovery

See Real Time Demand to Allocate Tourism Solutions

Maximize optimum resource allocation in an area by addressing key concerns such as hospitality, transportation, and type of entertainment.
Implement the right solutions with the necessary information like peak arrival & departure times, top destinations visited, and type of accommodation preferred.

Market Expansion

Understand Your Traveler to Anticipate Needs

Optimize planning and growth by identifying traveler habits, patterns, preferences and frequency.
Offer the right types of services with insights into trip details. Favored restaurants, attractions, areas of interest and more.

Population Segmentation

Identify Personas to Tailor Unique Offers

Provide a more tailored experience by differentiating between visitor types and trip purpose.
Decipher persona segments to accommodate travelers, maximizing revenue per traveler type.

Competitor Intelligence

Understand the Competitor Landscape to Maximize Revenue Opportunities

Zoom out for a macro view of available market share by seeing area and visitor comparisons.
Realize the full potential with effective positive communication impacting the local tourism, and mobilize the right partners.

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