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Travel & Hospitality

Differentiated travel experiences that win customer loyalty.

The State Of Engagement

Digital travel sales reached $198 billion in 2018, but players in the travel & hospitality industries are facing more intense competition and lower margins than ever before. It has become clear in the most recent wave of mobile innovation that consumers value convenient, hassle-free experiences at every stage of travel. Mobile accounts for 37% of travelers shopping for flights and 43% for accommodations, and more than 140 million U.S. adults will research a trip online.

From booking a trip, to purchasing travel insurance, to finding accommodations such as hotels and rental cars, consumers will value providers that provide intuitive experiences by understanding their needs and preferences.

Increase Bookings Throughout The Travel Lifecycle

When figuring out their travel plans, more than 60% of travelers said their budgets were a key factor, and that they look for deals before making a decision. Delivering the right travel deal to the right user at the right time starts with understanding when each user is available and likely to make a purchase.

Convert Abandoned Carts

More than 4 in 5 customers are engaged in other activities at the same time they are trying to complete a mobile checkout. They abandon carts at a staggering rate of greater than 70%, resulting in lost sales of more than $4.6 trillion each year. Capture moments of availability to remind the user to complete their travel cart when it’s most convenient.

Upsell at Helpful Moments

Many users forget to purchase travel insurance or complete all logistisc bookings before their flights. Remind the user a few days before the flight when they are idle at home, or when they arrive at the airport.

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