Human Behavior Data-Driven Transportation Solutions

Effective transportation planning needs real-life data to solve real commuting problems.

  • Demand Discovery

    Leverages a wide set of human behavior based indicators to maximize line ridership and revenue per mile

  • Market Expansion

    Analyze behaviors such clusters by transport mode, providing an in depth understanding of commuter personas for smart allocation of transportation modes

  • Population Segmentation

    Includes an added layer of data showing the type of persona showing commuter habits to pinpoint multimodal split connector locations

  • Competitor Intelligence

    Incorporates comparisons metrics of inner city traffic, popular throughways to Evaluate market routes for maximum potential

Demand Discovery

See Real-Time Demand For Strategic Transportation Planning

Maximize optimum resource allocation in an area by addressing key concerns such as accessibility, infrastructure and resident travel needs.
Implement the right solutions to combat congestion with the necessary information
like worker peak arrival & departure times coupled with origin and destination points.

Market Expansion

Understand Population Behavior to Anticipate Needs

Optimize transportation planning by identifying commuter distribution over time, distance and frequency.
Know the type of services to offer with insights into accessibility rates, parking habits & transport mode to POI

Population Segmentation

Identify Personas to Identify Network Demands

Provide a more tailored experience by differentiating between different commuter types and trip purposes.
Decipher persona segments to accommodate commuters, support departments and mobilize the right partners.

Competitor Intelligence

Understand the Competitor Landscape to Recognize Real Potential

Zoom out for a macro view of available market share by seeing alternative transportation modes usage.
Understand the commuter persona types potentially impacting the transportation mode used.

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