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Human Behavior Data-Driven Transportation Solutions

Effective transportation planning needs real-life data to solve real commuting problems.

  • Behavioral Intelligence

    Access Neura’s real-life data network for visibility into commuter habits, emerging routes and population movement. Make data-driven strategic decisions based on human behavior insights.

  • Audiences

    Access unique audiences giving visibility into intermodal specific interactions and activities. Identify commuter expansion opportunities and real-time needs for transportation solutions.

  • CRM Enrichment

    Discover new audiences submerged in existing databases.. Learn commuters lifestyle, preferences, needs for engagement optimization, unleashing hidden revenue potential.

  • Monetization

    Reach commuters with contextual and moment-based messaging enabling a better rider experience and optimized user journey.

Behavioral Intelligence

Data-Driven Insights for Transportation Planning

Solutions for travel demand management (TDM) strategies based on up-to-date real life commuter data. Gain visibility into traffic congestion, traveler patterns and multi mode needs.


Identify New Network Demand

Evaluate market routes for maximum potential revenue per mile, parking demands and best transport mode. Cluster riders by area to area travel.

CRM Enrichment

Rider Classification and Segmentation

Identify real world persona and rider routines for more effective contextual communication. Pinpoint mode split points to provide efficient services.


Tailor Every Journey to Riders Needs

Optimize supply and demand, know commuters current needs for base fleet optimal usage. Real-time data enables relevant messaging to create effective engagement.

How do I get started?

Neura’s behavior intelligence platform facilitates smart data-driven business decisions. Learn how we transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights enabling deep CRM enrichment, identification of new audiences for acquisition, as well as pinpointing moments of availability for increasing existing user monetization.

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