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Transportation & Mobility

Become a core part of every user's daily transportation routine.

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The State Of Engagement

By 2030, more than 60% of the global population is expected to live in urban areas. The trend of increasing urban density brings with it a rapidly growing demand for short, medium, and long distance transportation alternatives to personal vehicles. Some have been here for years (bikes, trains, taxis) and others are just emerging (ridesharing, bikesharing, and scooters).

Consumers are increasingly turning to apps to find the most efficient solution in real-time—and their behaviors are aligning around these new options. The best transportation & mobility apps will anticipate when each user needs their next ride, and offer the most appropriate transportation for their distance and budget. Neura is here to help you anticipate each user’s daily commute schedules and preferences, enabling you to become a integral part of their daily routine.

Anticipate when each user needs a ride

Understand which days each user typically commutes to work, and how soon they will need a ride after they wake up. Neura uncovers the daily commute patterns of each user.

Engage high-LTV segments

Build powerful lookalikes for your most valuable users that are defined by real-world behavioral traits, and offer prepaid pricing for users that ride frequently.

Form ridesharing habits

Expand the pie and grow your target market by becoming the first choice in the daily, weekly, and monthly commute patterns of each user. Uncover attributes that help you segment an audience of your users that are likely to become high-frequency riders.

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