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Retail & eCommerce

All shoppers are unique, and have different in-home availability

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The State of Engagement

As shelter in place orders ease, retail and ecommerce apps can stay ahead of their competition by understanding their users’ behavioral changes. Know when users are on the move again and adjust engagement strategies and targeting to align with this new behavior.

Understand your users’ daily in-home availability and identify when users are looking to browse products, or send price drop alerts when they are receptive and able to respond.

Identify Moments of Changes in Behavior Patterns

As customers are finishing work and winding down for the day, this is an optimal time to re-engage and send a reminder about an abandoned cart.

Increase Messaging Accuracy

For customers with big families, tailor your messaging to highlight special deals. And for those who live alone, highlight deals most relevant for one.

Mobile eCommerce sales accounted for 63% of total eCommerce sales in 2018, and that number is expected to grow to 74% by 2021.

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However, only 12% of consumers feel that mobile shopping experiences are convenient. There’s a lot of room for improvement. The mobile eCommerce opportunity represents a new purchasing channel and a direct connection to the client for brands that can effectively use mobile push to engage their customers. With growing competition and plenty of choices, customer loyalty and retention are the biggest challenges facing retailers.

Retailers use Neura to empower their services with real-world personalization—transforming users into happy customers, reducing notification fatigue and churn, and seeing over 6X increase in sales due to contextually relevant offers, delivered at the right moments.