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Relying heavily on data to stay relevant

Hyper segmentation, hyper personalization and moments of availibility are essential for effective brand – buyer communication.

  • Behavioral Intelligence

    Competitor intelligence is crucial for retail and ecommerce to stay relevant and be ahead of consumer buying trends

  • Audiences

    Target audiences with contextually relevant campaigns knowing brands shopped, time spent in-store, socio-economics and multiple visits

  • CRM Enrichment

    No two customers are identical. They each have their own taste, style, and habits. Segment users based on their real-world lifestyle.

  • Monetization

    Send the right message at the right time, increase LTV. Identify when consumers are looking to browse products, or able to complete a cart purchase

Behavioral Intelligence

Actionable insights into shopper lifestyles

See who is shopping where and buying which brands. Gain visibility into population mobility patterns to identify actionable data insights for resource allocation.


Identify consumer habits

Grow your target market by identifying shopaholics. Uncover attributes high intent shoppers who are actively, routinely and currently frequenting competitors for acquisition.

CRM Enrichment

Expand & engage loyal shoppers

Build powerful lookalikes for your most valuable users that are defined by real-world behavioral traits, with contextually accurate offers, increase loyalty program members.


Pinpoint moments of availibility

Understand consumers contextual situation in real-time to deliver a relevant message for increased conversions.

How do I get started?

Neura’s behavior intelligence platform facilitates smart data-driven business decisions. Learn how we transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights enabling deep CRM enrichment, identification of new audiences for acquisition, as well as pinpointing moments of availability for increasing existing user monetization.

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