Maximize current ridership and pinpoint future strategic growth

Real-life insights enabling mobility companies to anticipate and qualify demand, resulting in cost effective planning and increased revenue

  • Demand Discovery

    Leverages a wide set of human behavior based indicators to identify highest demand hotspots for optimum deployment

  • Market Expansion

    Analyzes behaviors such as time spent in venue, foot traffic, rider frequency and retention rates in order to provide an in depth understanding of ridership to POI

  • Rider Segmentation

    Includes an added layer of data showing the type of persona in a segment and shows lifestyle habits for a more tailored customer experience

  • Competitor Intelligence

    Incorporates sharing and engagement metrics for brand comparisons and multimodal split

Demand Discovery

See Real Time Demand to Increase Revenue & Reduce Costs

Maximize ridership in an area by gaining visibility into rider demand (heat map) of an area, category or brand.
Adjust supply to match specific demands with insights into demand clusters and cohorts to
optimize pick up points placements and geo-fencing reallocation.

Market Expansion

Uncover Commuter Patterns to Gain Market Share

Optimize engagement by identifying rider distribution over time and distribution of distance and frequency.
Know the type of services to offer with insights into real life behaviors, allowing a match of true needs with commuter modes

Rider Segmentation

Identify Riders Personas to Provide the Right Solutions

Provide a more tailored customer experience by differentiating between different rider types and trip purpose.
Decipher persona segments to link service with rider type & POI per area, category, business or branch.

Competitor Intelligence

Understand the Competitor Landscape to Recognize Real Market Potential

Zoom out for a macro view of available market share by seeing brand and commuter mode comparisons.
Realize the full growth potential with visibility into brand sharing and engagement metrics showing multimodal split.

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