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Smart transportation solutions need smart data driving them

Transcend traditional understanding of population movement with smart data-driven intelligence.

  • Behavioral Intelligence

    Make better strategic decisions for resource allocation, expansion opportunities and business growth with intelligent insights

  • Audiences

    Identify unique audiences frequently visiting specific locations for targeted acquisition campaigns

  • CRM Enrichment

    Know real-world travel habits of rider segments, off app, for a more tailored customer experience

  • Monetization

    Understand lifestyle patterns to pinpoint moments of availability, offer contextually relevant rides at the moment of need

Behavioral Intelligence

Actionable insights into riding patterns

Make strategic business decisions based on data insights. See who is traveling where and with which companies. Population segments with little mobility opposed to those frequently commuting.


Identify ridesharing habits

Grow your target market by becoming the first choice in various commute patterns of each user. Uncover attributes that help you identify and segment audiences for acquisition.

CRM Enrichment

Expand & engage high user-value segments

Build powerful lookalikes for your most valuable users that are defined by real-world behavioral traits, and offer prepaid pricing for users that ride frequently.


Anticipate when each user needs a ride

Understand which days each user typically commutes to work, and how soon they will need a ride after they wake up. Neura uncovers the daily commute patterns of each user.

How do I get started?

Neura’s behavior intelligence platform facilitates smart data-driven business decisions. Learn how we transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights enabling deep CRM enrichment, identification of new audiences for acquisition, as well as pinpointing moments of availability for increasing existing user monetization.

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