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The State of Engagement

Apps that keep us entertained and informed, from news to music to movies to sports to books, are daily drivers of engagement. Netflix, Spotify, and social media apps are leading the way, but many niche players have also sprung up to meet the ever-changing tastes of hungry users.

In the golden age of information abundance, consumers rely on media & entertainment apps to push only the content that matters, at moments that they are actually available to consume it. Neura can help you identify users that like reading the news during their morning commute, listening to workout playlists at the gym, and watching shows before going to sleep.

Uncover moments of availability

Delivering the right music playlist starts with understanding when each user is motivated and available. Push recommended content when the user is available to consume it. Discover when they like to watch or listen most so that you can be there when they want more.

Reactivate unengaged users & retain subscribers

If you are consistently delivering content to users at the wrong time, they will be more likely to churn. Bring users back with reactivation campaigns that increase conversion.

Increase recurring subscriptions

Users are more likely to subscribe to premium when they receive benefits through valuable features and services. Use timely Neura reminders to usher in the next level of personalization.

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