MaaS Intelligence

Maximize ridership and optimize operational efficiency for increased ROI

Using mobility intelligence, MasS providers improve efficiency and increase operational ROI. With access to clusters of demand for increased ridership Neura facilitates growth to capture market share.

Plan deployment with data-driven demand

Maximise ridership with actionable insights pinpointing the best locations to situate or re-allocate mobility stations or services.

First / Last mile purpose of trip
Ridership Share
OD / OvD Matrix journey patterns

Demand Discovery
Capture market share with customer characteristics

Efficiently serve rider demand based on a wide set of mobility behavior based indicators.

POIs in service area
User personas segmentation
POIs Visitation Metrics

Visitor Insights
Optimize service expansion

Identify and capitalize on opportunities by visibility into trip types

Cluster demand ranking
Trip predictions per area
Recommended service/station locations

Demand Rank Model

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