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The State of Engagement

Lifestyle and dating apps have become a massive opportunity, growing to over $3 billion in market share in 2018 and with industry revenue expected to grow 25% by 2020. As competition heats up, leading lifestyle and dating brands are spending more and more in the face of shrinking retention rates. Average retention rates are just 5% after 30 days. Increasing these retention rates and meaningful engagement with users has become the central challenges of digital marketers today.


With Neura, apps in the lifestyle and dating industries can leverage the real-world behavioral data of users to create more personalized engagement strategies and smarter segmentation, enhancing the user’s experience and increasing brand loyalty.

Know when your users are available for dates

Not only is user retention extremely low for US dating apps, but monthly active users (MAUs) decreased at an average rate of 8% in 2018. Why? Most apps send notifications and offers when users are distracted or uninterested, missing key engagement opportunities. Using real-world behavioral data, Neura will tell you the optimal moment to reach your users and set them up with the perfect match.

Increase recurring subscriptions

With dating apps keeping only 30% of initial users on day 1 — and market leaders like Match.com losing 99% of users after 30 days — current strategies to acquire and retain subscribers have become too expensive in both monetary and human resources. Neura uncovers the availability and routines of your users, allowing your campaigns to become smarter and contextually-relevant to skyrocket your MAU and reduce churn.

Reactivate unengaged users

Every user’s lifestyle is distinct. Rather than broadcast-style campaigns that treat each user the same, Neura’s unique dataset gives unparalleled insight into the daily habits of your users — enabling your app to reach them at the optimal moments so you become part of their daily life.

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