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Leverage micro-moments & real insights into offline behavior to grow online services

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The State of Engagement

With financial institutions shutting retail operations and reducing staff, more users than ever are trying mobileservices for the first time.

Be ahead of the competition by understanding your users behavioral changes and gain real visibility into what customers are doing now, what they will do in two weeks and one month from now to help them feel supported and anticipate what’s next.

Personalized Contextual Messaging

Many insurance companies are facilitating their users with the tools to go digital and do things online, message them with the right solution for their immediate needs.

Leverage micro-moments of in-home availability

Leverage micro-moments of in-home availability to grow online services, and interact with users to update policies, have visibility into their protection and gain other information.

Financial service providers such as insurance companies and pension funds, are finding alternative ways to serve customers during COVID-19.

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Insurers are offering extensions on payments and policy renewals. It’s a good time to contact your insurance provider and understand your options.

With reward programs and other benefits being offered by insurance apps to maintain current business premiums are being offered on all services including policy issuance, claim management and even deals for adopting new product development.