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Get users hooked by making gaming a core part of their daily leisure time.

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The State of Engagement

Mobile games are forecasted to reach 60% market share in 2019 consumer spend, and worldwide app store consumer spend is itself expected to grow 5x faster than the overall global economy. However, fewer than 15% of gaming apps manage to retain even 35% of players after just the first day post-install. As apps intensely compete for the attention of mobile gamers, increasing meaningful daily user engagement and slowing churn are becoming the biggest challenges facing app marketers. 


The best mobile games invest significantly to understand when each user is most likely to play, and then engages them the optimal moments. Neura’s unique dataset gives unparalleled insight into each user’s real-world availability and behavioral traits — enabling your game to become an integral part of their daily routine.

Learn the lifestyles of whale users

Over 70 percent of a game’s in-app purchase revenue is generated by just 10 percent of users. Some even spend thousands — like Daigo, who spent $70,000(!) on a single game. Using insights gathered from the real-world behavior of users, Neura uncovers the routines of these whale users so you can engage them at the optimal moment and dramatically increase ARPU, Session Time, and DAU.

Feed LiveOps with real-world data

Effective LiveOps requires accurate and timely information on mobile game players that can be used at scale. Neura contextualizes the actions of users and uncovers their behavioral traits and availability — enabling your game to engage them at the optimal moments, reduce high churn rates, and enhance your players’ experiences.

Reinforce gaming routines

With over a million mobile games added on both Google Play and iOS in 2018 alone, keeping users interested in apps is a key challenge for marketers. Neura uncovers the routines and lifestyles of users, providing the missing information necessary to reinforce gaming habits and reduce churn.

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