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Food Delivery

Eating is a lifestyle. Serve each user's tastes.

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The State of Engagement

With just a few simple taps from the comfort of their home, people can get food delivered to their door. Worldwide, the market for food delivery stands at €83 billion and usage of food and restaurant apps has increased by 70% since 2014. Data shows that more than 82% of orders are placed from home, while only 16 percent were placed from the workplace. It is these critical insights that makes Neura a powerful partner for increasing engagement and conversion in food delivery apps. Do you know when your users arrive home, or are on the way home from work?

Anticipate each user’s next meal

Users have an abundance of choices whenever they need to eat. You need to make sure that you become their first option. Engage each user when they're most likely to be hungry.

Perfectly-timed expiring offers

Expiring offers can be effective tools for driving meaningful engagement. But when should you deliver them? And which users should receive them? Use lifestyle intelligence to create urgency with product offers that match each user’s context.

Make user retention your main course

Use powerful engagement opportunities to improve retention rates on unengaged users. After you’ve identified an audience that is likely to churn, why not wait to re-engage them until they’re actually available?

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