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The State of Engagement

Mobile is becoming the primary banking platform. In the past five years alone, customer activity on banking apps has increased 354%, and global downloads of finance apps increased 75% to hit 3.4 billion in 2018. Despite this trend, user acquisition costs have increased year after year, and users take over a week — 7.62 days, exactly — to return to finance apps after the first install. Given such high acquisition costs and low engagement, marketers need smarter ways to meaningfully engage and retain users. 


That’s where Neura comes in. Neura keeps finance apps top-of-mind and individualizes engagement by leveraging real-world behavioral data — transforming infrequent users into recurring customers, reducing the time from install to action, and increasing sales by delivering relevant offers at the right moments.

Enhance the personal banking experience

Over three-fifths of consumers are anxious about making one-time bill payments, and 46% of them pay bills late. However, if they could pay via text message, 69% of these late payers said they were “very” to “extremely likely” to pay on time. Neura enables you to remind users to pay bills at the moments they’re most available — reducing this anxiety and improving both the user’s experience and your KPIs.

Increase retention and traction on offers

Blind attempts to engage users on offers and reward programs translate to low response rates and an inefficient use of your resources. Neura’s unique dataset uncovers your users’ moments and routines that can be used to deliver contextually-relevant engagement opportunities. Guarantee future purchases on credit cards and drive users to your app by sending them notifications when they’re most likely to engage.

Know when each user needs you

Every user has a distinct lifestyle. Whether your user is a frequent commuter who needs car insurance, a student who needs lower rates on their loans, or a frequent traveler who needs travel insurance, Neura intelligently segments your audience with behavioral traits so you can anticipate what kinds of products your user may need.

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