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Leverage micro-moments of in-home availability to grow online services

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The State of Engagement

With the economy in flux and with uncertainty around unemployment, consumers have a lot of anxiety about money right now. The ramifications of COVID-19 have led to consumers’ lifestyle and behavior changes. 

Neura can help you identify new user routines to better support your customers and relieve some of that tension.

Help your users adjust to the new financial normal

Leverage micro-moments of in-home availability to grow online services, remind them to pay their bills and give timely updates regarding changes to the status of their investments, mortgages, and student loans.

Support local private business owners

Many banking and finance apps also offer loyalty and rewards programs, and Neura can help you build a stronger relationship with these users by enabling them to support local businesses through timely offers.

Mobile is becoming the primary banking platform. In the past five years alone, customer activity on banking apps has increased 354%, and global downloads of finance apps increased 75% to hit 3.4 billion in 2018.

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Despite this trend, user acquisition costs have increased year after year, and users take over a week — 7.62 days, exactly — to return to finance apps after the first install. Given such high acquisition costs and low engagement, marketers need smarter ways to meaningfully engage and retain users.

That’s where Neura comes in. Neura keeps finance apps top-of-mind and individualizes engagement by leveraging real-world behavioral data — transforming infrequent users into recurring customers, reducing the time from install to action, and increasing sales by delivering relevant offers at the right moments.