CPOs EV Intelligence

Optimally deploy charging stations - Driving ROI and maximizing station performance

Charge point operators gain access to accurate measurements of demand for EV charging and precise mapping of low-battery zones across primary EV corridors


Pinpoints ideal locations to optimize EV charging stations ROI

Trip distance, duration, origin and destination
Station/Location trade-area and population density
Driver proximity to home/work
Demand for slow, fast, ultrafast chargers

EV Demand Discovery
Charge Point Insights

Unprecedented visibility into driver visitation patterns for prospective station locations

Duration of stay in area
Recommended Charger Type
Daily visits
POIs in area
Socio demographic

Visitors Insights
EV Station Predictor

Low battery level clusters ranked predicting the EV charging demand

Demand map
EV station demand ranking
Clusters demand ranking
EV Charging saturation

Demand Rank model

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