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The State Of Engagement

At the frontier of mobile technology, the digital patient experience is vast and has tremendous potential to redefine the way we experience the healthcare ecosystem. The mHealth market accounted for over $23 Billion in 2017 alone. Despite barriers relating to regulation, patient acceptance, and privacy concerns, the industry is estimated to grow more than 35% annually over the next three years, resulting in more than $370 Billion in healthcare cost savings worldwide.

Digital Health, Fitness, & Wellness apps can leverage patient behavior data and engagement insights to personalize experiences and deliver solutions that drive patient choice, improved adherence, and informed decision-making.

Increase engagement with smart reminders

Users are more likely to engage with push reminders that are tailored to their lifestyle, delivered at moments and situations in their day when they are available to engage. Remind users to take medication when they wake up, log activities when they leave the gym, and get better sleep by understanding their daily patterns and habits.

Build healthy habits

Building any kind of habit is hard. Some users struggle to eat healthy, some need reminders to brush their teeth 2x/day, and others have trouble getting to bed on time. Failing to take medication as prescribed is a $300B problem in the US alone. Help users build healthy habits by nudging each of them when they need your service most.

Act on session availability

One of the largest drivers of churn is poorly designed engagement campaigns. We engage users when they aren’t available; for example, while they are sleeping or driving or in a business meeting. As a result, more than 25-50% of mobile users are inactive, but ripe to be re-engaged. Create mindful engagement campaigns that increase conversion and reduce the risk of being ignored because the user is busy or unavailable.

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