User Awareness with Real World Intelligence

How Neura Works?

Each of your users is unique. Your product revolves around their actions and behavior. Neura helps you tailor your product personally to each of them. Securely analyzing data from smartphones and IoT devices allows the Neura platform to generate actionable insights about personas and moments in your users’ lives, enabling you to respond immediately and in context to their behavior.

It Starts with Data

Everything around you can be measured and accumulated - how fast you walked and how far, where you exercised, how well did you sleep in the past month, how many meetings you’ve had this week, last week, or any week. Even the simplest smartphone is packed with sensors that gather this data quickly and accurately. Starting from the GPS, through Bluetooth LE reader, WiFi antenna and motion sensors, each data channel is unique and can become another layer of information about the user’s life.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Computers have always been great at storing and processing data. Done the right way, we can utilize them to discover patterns in the data and adapt using Machine Learning.
Neura cognitive computing techniques find the patterns that define your users’ daily lives. We will detect and understand the relations between your users and their surroundings, their work and home routine, exercise habits, etc. and provide you with a simple to consume API to our contextual powerhouse.

Devices Around the User

Your users are surrounded by connected devices throughout most of their day. Whether it is WiFi at work, a smartwatch, a bluetooth headset, or their connected car, this endless flow of connections in the user’s life combined with their specific patterns and clusters is exposed through predefined moments in our easy to use interface. And, our Spark servers are built at scale, so the more we see, the better we respond.

The Neura AI Engine

The Neura AI Engine