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User Awareness with Real World Intelligence

How Neura Works?

Each of your users is unique. Your product revolves around their actions and behavior. Neura helps you tailor your product personally to each of them. Securely analyzing data from smartphones and IoT devices allows the Neura platform to generate actionable insights about personas and moments in your users’ lives, enabling you to respond immediately and in context to their behavior.

It Starts with Data

Everything around you can be measured and accumulated - how fast you walked and how far, where you exercised, how well did you sleep in the past month, how many meetings you’ve had this week, last week, or any week. Even the simplest smartphone is packed with sensors that gather this data quickly and accurately. Starting from the GPS, through Bluetooth LE reader, WiFi antenna and motion sensors, each data channel is unique and can become another layer of information about the user’s life.

Neura True Personas

Neura created the first physical world-based personas, which enable our customers to deliver the most relevant content and experiences to their end users. This is because they now understand their users at a granular level that is a reflection of their lifestyle.

Neura summarizes user activities such as sleep, physical activity, driving time, work level, and more based on situations and moments throughout each user’s day. By understanding a user’s summarized habits and lifestyle, Neura is able to deduce a persona, such as Avid Runner.

Neura Moments

A Neura Moment combines what an end user is doing, at a specific time, in a specific place. For example, a user is leaving home and commuting to work via ride sharing early in the morning.

Being able to accurately predict what an end user will want or need in a specific Moment enables Neura to discover new Engagement Opportunities. Our customers leverage these to drive their revenue KPIs, particularly those around Engagement Sustainability, Retention, and Virality.

The Neura AI Engine

The Neura AI Engine