Helping Luxury Car Lifestyle Brand’s Connect with their Users, Increasing Complete Purchase by 2.26x

We used behavioral intelligence insights focused on mobility trends, rider segmentation, and persona data, in order to optimize this brand’s understanding of their customers outside of the car and dealership.


Turning occasional buyers into satisfied, returning customers is a huge challenge for companies selling expensive goods with long cycles, especially in the car industry.

BMW, one of the world’s leading luxury car manufacturing brands, chose Neura to strengthen their customer engagement and satisfaction. Thanks to Neura’s insights, BMW increased sales creating user-centric products and services for their customers long after they drove off of the dealership grounds.

This collaboration led to impressive results: a 2.26x increase in number of users who completed a purchase and 1.9x increase in average number of completed purchases.


Coping with a Declining Customer Satisfaction

The first goal was clear: BMW wanted to to create a long-term, positive and beneficial relationship with their clients that extended beyond just the car dealership.

Studies show that new car purchases result in two months of euphoria, after which satisfaction dramatically goes down. Oftentimes, this can result in a negative experience where the purchaser deals with repairs, fuel costs, maintenance, and other interactions that continue to detract from the once positive buying experience.

Questions BMW asked us circled around:

– How to bridge the growing, immense gap in understanding who their customers are in the real world and how to best serve them
– How to best address them to keep them engaged

Our aim was to leverage deep behavioral intelligence, user behavior and activity, as well as persona insights to create a positive brand experience during the entire lifetime of a customer.

As a company dedicated to providing premium support, BMW was eager to understand offline, real-life information about customer behavior outside of in-person dealership visits and online digital footprints.

As the leader in behavioral intelligence and user understanding, Neura transforms customer engagement by delivering live, actionable insights based on each user’s real-world behavior enabling brands to create experiences that adapt to each user’s unique preferences and needs, thus driving engagement, retention, and conversions.

Our partnership aimed at driving loyalty with an understanding of the customer, targeted campaigns, increased data insights, strengthened brand engagement, competitor intelligence, and buyer intelligence.

Taking Action: Increasing Customer Experience and Brand Loyalty

As the company updated their mobile app, Neura had two main priorities:

– Establishing loyalty within the app
– Increase value to customers by creating the most meaningful brand experience on a daily basis, through the navigation on the app

In order to engage their users with relevant content at relevant times, the company needed to map the profiles of their customers based on their real world behavior. Personalized, contextual interactions became the key to create value.


The How: Disclosing Who the Users Are and Bringing Them Value
Neura analyzed and predicted BMW customer’s behavior through the utilization of behavior, movement, and pattern analytics. With Neura, the company gained a plethora of relevant insights about who their users were, what they respond to, and what adds value and positivity in their everyday life.


→ We launched four primary campaigns targeting specific user demographics with dedicated, relevant services.


Neura defined and targeted user personas with clear personalities traits and attributes:
– Hard workers and Coffee lovers
– Heavy Commuters and Morning commuters
– Restaurant lovers and Busy on weekends
– All users that are heavy travelers


Segmenting users by personality characteristics and daily timeline gave a competitive edge
→ BMW crafted accurate messages for each cluster; notifications were sent according to their profile and interests
→ The brand was able to engage users in the most optimal time for them


When BMW vantage app users were by a Starbucks or a particular restaurant that BMW had a partnership with, customers were prompted to use their app and could gain tokens to pay for their purchase which gave them a discount and also made the experience more enjoyable, gameify the buying process. BMW Vantage users could pay everything related to their car using the application, including gas stations, highways, and parking fees.


Concrete Results: a Dramatic Increase in Sales
As a result, BMW increased completed cart purchase by over 200%, a staggering number that greatly impacted further product and campaign decisions.

Due to this, Neura significantly helped increased loyalty and satisfaction by providing offerings and services beyond those found in the dealership to constantly surprise and delight buyers. Further, we increased the brand’s monetization, with a dramatic impact on completed purchases and continued product buying.




In number of users who completed a purchase based on prompting users to purchase at times that were optimal and useful to customers.



In average number of purchases per users who purchased products and services based on marketing campaigns specifically sent to users who would benefit from such offerings.


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