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Be There When
Each User Needs You


One-to-One Engagement,
at Scale

Make each engagement attempt a welcome one - based on real-world engagement opportunities.

Real-World Behavior Analytics

Understand who uses your product and when. Leverage the situations that drive them to engage and convert.


Real-World Engagement Opportunities

Adapt to each user's lifestyle. React to key moments throughout their day.


Analyze. Engage. Repeat.

Engage when your service is needed. Boost conversion and retention.


Measure how users react to features that drive your business KPIs with the Neura Engagement Dashboard - designed to provide actionable insights. Which users use each feature? What is their lifestyle? What are they doing in the real-world when they engage or convert?



Neura`s User Aware API enables your product to adapt to the preferences and needs derived from each user's unique Persona, and engage at the precise Moments in which each individual is likely to be receptive to your service.


    Ultra-Low Battery

    Neura consumes less than 1% of battery per day.


    Cross Platform

    SDKs available for iOS and Android. Library support for Cordova, React Native, Corona.



    ISO 27001 certified. Encrypted and anonymized. Security is a core pillar of our development best practices.


    Privacy Compliant

    We take privacy and user anonymity very seriously, supporting HIPAA, FDA and GDPR compliant customers.

Getting Started

  • 20

    Integrate the SDK and start your discovery phase
  • 30

    Authenticate with Neura and access its API Services
  • 90

    Leverage the Engagement API and analyze user interaction