Parking & Mobility App Increases
Conversion Rate by 10x

Industry-leading parking & mobility app uses real-world engagement opportunities to boost user engagement and conversion rates (CVR)

The publisher is a leading parking, mobility, and vehicle solution app that serves millions of drivers. The app offers extensive parking payment solutions, as well as auxiliary services such as roadside and emergency assistance, carwash, vehicle repair, and car testing.


With less than 2% of users responding to push notification messages, app engagement is a major challenge in the app industry–directly impacting revenue and profit. It is extremely common for irrelevant communications to cause notification fatigue which results in user churn. Increasing user LTV is dependent on increasing user engagement by delivering relevant content and services, and avoiding intrusiveness.

The app became a market leader in 2010 and still maintains its lead in the countries where it is active, their apps (Android and iOS) have an 80% market share of the parking services category. This includes app installs, frequency of use, and revenue. However, increased competition in recent years forced the publisher to steer its focus away from parking micro-payments and create additional driving services. However, uptake of cross-selling campaigns has proven difficult and unsuccessful thus far. Promotions of the new services have resulted in low conversion rates on both Push and SMS channels, with most users completely disregarding the promotions.

The goal was to convert more existing clients to additional premium services, thus increasing user satisfaction, loyalty, and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

Taking Action

Publisher used Neura Insights™ to gain a better understanding of its users’ behavior patterns with the goal of creating improved user segments for the app’s campaigns. In order to do this, the app added real-world, contextual user understanding to its app engagement analytics.


The result was improved segmentation based on Neura’s True Personas™.


Neura Insights™ revealed two main pain points:


  • Less than 3% of users receiving push & SMS promotions successfully engaged with the promotion, and less than 1% subscribed to the new offers.
  • Over 83% of users were receiving new offer promotions that were not relevant to their driving and parking habits.


Data from Neura Insights™ was used to segment users based on their driving, parking, and real-world behavior. Then, each group of users was matched to a corresponding premium service, which Neura had identified as relevant for those users. Using Neura Actions™, the publisher began delivering Neura-segmented push notifications and SMS campaigns, promoting these services.


Over the course of four weeks, The publisher A/B tested Neura-segmented promotions against a control group that received standard, non-segmented promotions. The experiment measured crucial business KPIs – engagement, conversion, and revenue.


Neura’s segmented users had much higher engagement and retention rates than non-segmented users. Here’s the breakdown of the results:



  • The average engagement rate with a standard promotion was 2.76 percent.
  • The average engagement rate with Group 1 Neura-segmented promotions was 9.57 percent.
  • The average engagement rate with Group 2 Neura-segmented promotions  was 6.73 percent.
  • The average engagement rate with Group 3 Neura-segmented promotions was 8.85 percent.

That’s 2-3X more engagement over the 4 week test period.



  • The average conversion rate for standard promotions was 0.69 percent.
  • The average conversion rate for Group 1 of Neura-segmented users was 2.09 percent.
  • The average conversion rate for Group 2 of Neura-segmented users was 2.61 percent.
  • The average conversion rate for Group 3 of Neura-segmented users was 7.29 percent.

That’s 3-10X more conversion over the 4 week test period.


Average Revenue Per User (ARPU):

Within just four weeks, the user lifetime value (LTV) of the Neura-segmented users increased by 30%.

Marketing Director

Why Work with Neura

"Neura’s deep human-centric understanding of our users proved to be an indispensable asset that enabled us to grow new businesses and revenue streams, and increase user satisfaction. With Neura’s help, we were able to transform into a holistic, personalized, one-stop-shop mobility assistant, cater to each user’s mobility needs, and stay way ahead of our competition."

Engagement Drives Business KPIs for Apps

Retaining existing users relies, first and foremost, on effective user interactions and meaningful engagement. App publishers can dramatically improve their marketing campaign ROI by optimizing customer communication that leads to quality engagement and churn reduction.

Neura enables the next generation of personalization: leveraging real-world activities to effectively segment and engage users at the right moment. By doing so, Neura helps app developers provide better products and services with effective user experiences.

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