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MyDays Increases ARPU by 150%

Digital Health app uses real-world engagement opportunities to
boost user engagement and retention


MyDays is a leading, easy-to-use ovulation calendar and period tracker for women. It also caters to men who care for their partner's cycle. MyDays is widely used for couples who are trying to conceive. The app's features include birth control management, body temperature tracking, intercourse notes, pill reminders, and calendar tools.

Released in 2010, MyDays Android and iOS apps have been downloaded over 60 million times, with 5 million monthly active users. MyDays primarily monetizes through advertising and premium subscriptions.


Retention is the biggest challenge in the app industry, with Day-30 retention averaging only 7.7%. User acquisition (UA) costs continue to increase across all verticals, topping $3 per user in some geographies. For apps to maintain healthy growth, the quality and intelligence of daily engagements with their users must improve.

At its launch, MyDays was a leading brand in the women's health subcategory. As competition grew in the past few years, MyDays saw user growth slowing down, resulting from a retention rate far below the category average. The MyDays team aimed to improve retention of its large user base and increase growth by providing a superior user experience and delivering smarter and more frequent daily engagements.

Taking Action

MyDays used Neura Insights™ to gain a better understanding of its users’ real-world behavior. Neura Insights™ revealed three main pain points:


  • Only 12-18% of users reacted to standard, time-based notifications.
  • 92% of users receiving notifications did not successfully engage with the app.
  • The majority of users were not available to interact with the app at the time of receiving the notification.


More than 30% of users received notifications while they were asleep and more than 25% of users received notifications after they had begun their busy day.


Data from Neura Insights™ was used to implement a new feature: Smart Reminders. Using Neura Actions™ , MyDays began delivering Neura-based notifications that matched each user’s True Personas with the right message. In addition, communication was initiated at the right Moment—when the user was predicted to be available and receptive.


For 12 weeks, MyDays A/B tested Smart Reminders against the existing notification method to understand short-term and long-terms effects on engagement, retention, and revenue.


Users who engaged with Neura-enhanced Smart Reminders had much higher engagement and retention rates. Here's the breakdown of the results:



  • The average engagement rate of users with time-based notifications was 8.04%.
  • The average engagement rate of users with smart reminders was 77.79%.

That's 968% more engagement over the course of the test period.



  • The users who received time-based notifications had a 14% churn rate (negative growth).
  • The users who received smart reminders had an 18% growth rate.

That's 32% more retention in the Neura-enhanced user group.


Average Revenue Per User (ARPU):

Introduction of Neura-enabled Smart Reminders increased MyDays ARPU by 150% over the course of 9 months.

Christian Mueller
Founder & CEO at MyDays

Why MyDays Works with Neura

"Low retention was our most significant challenge for years, and it hindered our business from growing fast enough. Neura provides actionable user insights that not only enabled us to make our product more helpful to our users, but also set us apart from the competition and resulted in happier and more loyal users."

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Launching an app and acquiring users should always go hand-in-hand with a meaningful engagement mechanism. In today's market, app growth teams must focus, first and foremost, on engaging and retaining their existing users.

Neura is leading the next generation of personalization, leveraging real-world activities to segment and engage users at the right moment. By doing so, Neura helps app developers provide better products and services with effective user experiences.