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Our Mission

Neura improves sustainability, livability and quality of life by empowering businesses, governments and NGOs to predictively plan and effectively operate, leveraging deep insights based on real world human behavior data.

Our Culture

A feel good, do good, culture is at the heart of who we are at Neura. We work hard and appreciate the time we spend together from ‘over coffee chats’ in the morning, to ‘healthy lunch creations’ in the afternoon, to happy hours, and outdoor trips, our team enjoys each other’s company both inside and outside of the office.

We’re committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of their position or where they’re from in the world (we have employees from 7 countries!), can call Neura home.

Our Impact

At Neura, caring for the world, as well as the people in it, is at the forefront of what we do. Just as important as our commitment to a fun and inclusive atmosphere, is the importance we place on having an impact to make a better world, we’re proud to advocate the United Nations Social Development Goals and Environmental Social Governance.

Our Impact page shares what we’re doing for equal opportunity employment, gender equality, diversity and inclusion efforts, as well as environmental and health objectives.

“More than anything else, more than our surpassing revenue goals, partnering with leading global brands and having our insights shape government decision, I’m so proud of the fact we get wake up every morning, come to work and know we’re having an impact on making the world a better place”

Amit Hammer
Neura CEO


Check Out Our Current Openings.

Herzilya, Israel


We are looking for a passionate sales manager to join our incredible team.

Herzilya, Israel

Sales Development Representative - SDR

Join our dynamic, rapidly growing team!

Herzilya, Israel

Data Scientist Leader

We are looking for a talented data scientist leader which will develop new and innovative behavioral models to enrich Neura’s AI capabilities by using prediction, detection, clustering, supervised and unsupervised and any other type of models and techniques.

Herzilya, Israel

Backend Developer

Design, implementation, and deployment of Neura’s core business logic and API services

Herzilya, Israel

Product Manager

Lead product definition and feature prioritization by working with business stakeholders, developers, and customers

Herzilya, Israel

Data Engineer

Develop an effective, coherent, reliable and phased data architecture approach to help the business grow and change


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