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Introducing Neura for Braze

Build smarter Braze customer journeys with real-world segments and triggers

What is Neura?

Neura empowers brands to understand each user’s behavior in the real world, enabling them to increase engagement and retention by delivering personalized, relevant experiences.

How do Neura and Braze work together?

Neura intelligently transforms customer engagement by delivering powerful behavioral attributes and real-time events, based on each user’s real-world behavior, to Braze campaigns.

Key Features

Build Custom Segments Using Real-World Behavioral Traits

Reach the right user with the right message using behavioral attributes that provide powerful insights to each user's unique lifestyle. Activate and enrich audiences like Hard Worker, Frequent Traveler, Sleep Deprived, Avid Runner, and more.

Trigger Journeys and Automations with Real-World Moments

User availability is critical to a successful engagement strategy. Using Moments, you can trigger journeys and automations in Canvas, when the user wakes up, starts their morning commute, or relaxes at home, and more, instead of while they are sleeping or driving.

Powerful Insights and Behavior Attribution

Make your marketing campaigns smarter with Neura by analyzing every step of the customer journey using Neura Insights. For example, which types of users use the app? In which real-world situations do they engage with specific features?

How do I get started?

Neura empowers brands to understand their users on a behavioral level: understanding when they’re
available, and when they’re likely to engage, enabling you to retain them and increase user LTV.

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