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Shawn Stein
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Who Needs a Ride? Getting Users Back on Transit & Ride Sharing Apps During & After COVID-19

With decreased travel, increased fear of public transportation, and restrictions on travel, the entire transportation industry has been dramatically impacted.

As a transportation or mobility company, it’s important to understand which of your users are complying with various changing shelter-in-place orders and which are back at the office. By segmenting according to each user’s unique mobility, changing schedule, and personality enables mobile apps to focus engagement efforts. Thus targeting the relevant users as well as reducing notification fatigue for users that have naturally limited their use of your services.

So, how can you do this? The answer: Neura’s in-home and real-time behavioral platform.

We help leading mobile apps leverage insights from real-world behavioral data, and in response to COVID-19, we have narrowed our focus to micro-segmentation in order to uncover optimal moments of in-home availability and to help apps understand which users are back in the office.

Transit & RideSharing Apps User availability

Industry Use-Cases

Users that are semi back to normal or completely back to their schedule still need to use public transportation or ride sharing apps, so they should be kept informed on changes to public transit schedules and traffic patterns that would impact them. 

Furthermore, ride sharing and micro-mobility companies also need to be able to update about changes that affect availability or accessibility and should receive updates on efforts your brand is taking to keep them safe and healthy.

Ride sharing commuter moment of availability

Ready to Leverage This Data?

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has severely lessened use of public transportation and other mobility services, there are still a number of users, specifically Essential Workers and fully back to work individuals, who rely on these essential transportation and mobility apps.

Make sure you’re engaging with the right users during these unprecedented times by leveraging our unique user in-home behavior data. Get in touch with us to get started.