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Jonathan Raveh
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What are Neura Moments and how can they help app marketers?

Mobile marketers today engage with consumers based on many intertwined variables in constant search of user intent or interest. The primary goal of any content delivered to the users is to engage them, whereas technology’s role in many cases is to find out when that content can get a customer’s full (or at least partial) attention. Neura Moments were created with this exact goal in mind – effectively engaging with users when they are truly available to engage. Here’s a short overview of Neura Moments and their value for apps.


What are Neura Moments?

Neura Moments are real-world events in the life of a user that represent meaningful mobile engagement opportunities.

Neura Moments represent the human journey of app users. Mobile Marketers that use Neura moments are able to approach each user at the right time when they are available to engage. While the user journey focuses and the user’s digital activity – app opens, in-app activity, social media usage, and more, the human journey is all about the physical activities and the situations we all find ourselves in during the day. We wake up, leave home, drive or commute to work, and so on. Each of these moments detected by Neura carries a high significance for marketers and product owners and allows mobile products and services to respond and deliver a truly personalized experience.

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Seize the Moment

Neura moments are consumed by mobile marketers and app product owners in 2 ways  – Neura Insights and Neura Actions

The Neura Insights dashboard reveals the relationships between each user’s real-world behavior and the actions they take in your app. The Neura dashboard powers digital experiences by analyzing every step of the customer journey—which types of users use the app, and in which real-world situations they engage with specific features. Neura dashboard provides unique knowledge about the moments that lead to the best engagement outcomes, and the ones that should be avoided.

Neura Actions empowers apps to leverage Neura Moments into personalized, contextual interactions in real-time with each of your users, at scale. Using Neura Actions API, apps can engage with each user at moments in their day when they are most likely to interact with their product or service. In other words, Neura Actions enhance digital experiences using real-world engagement opportunities, based on users’ real-world behavior.


How effective are Neura Moments compared to ‘digital-based moments’?


While moments based on in-app activity provide valuable information about user digital habits and preferences, the right moment to approach users via communication channels is still a mystery, leading to low engagement and retention rates. Using Neura Moments to find the ideal time to engage with users has the potential to increase engagement tenfold and more than double revenue.

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