Shawn Stein
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ViruSafe ™: Providing Virus Risk Scores Down to the Building Level

Virusafe calculates transmission rates, enabling people to make data-driven decisions and better protect themselves from infection, even if it’s just to get some take-out. 

The technology transforms anonymous, aggregated sensory mobile phone data and fuses those real-life behavioral distribution patterns with epidemiological data points, giving visibility to transmission risks. Collective action is enabled with the power to change the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic and limit exposure until vaccinations are broadly administered. 

As borders open and cautious travel is increasingly allowed, it is now more than ever that people are aware of the ongoing threat COVID-19 imposes and the need to manage it until vaccines are widely administered. A fine line must be walked between safely opening the worldwide economy, or businesses such as those in travel, hospitality and retail, while minimizing the risk of further outbreaks – it is a serious global challenge. We set out to tackle this challenge as a company and what we’ve created is the first solution that can accurately assess and expose transmission risks in real-time at a pinpointed location.

ViruSafe virus transmission risk scores. 
Neura Behavior Intelligence

While behavioral intelligence on it’s own will not improve the situation we face (culture and behavior change is required), it has the power to predict the pandemic’s movement within an acceptable degree of uncertainty by establishing when and under which conditions certain places can expect increases, peaks, and reductions in transmission. With this information, we can calculate the demand for acute medical services, determine timeframes for partially or completely lifting containment measures, and predict renewed needs for subsequent waves of the pandemic.

The implications of our solution are broad and begin with Crowdfree, TripAdvisor’s travel platform that is powered by ViruSafe and indicates a destinations’ safety in real-time, allowing millions of people to make smarter decisions together and collectively avoid transmission. Travelers can plan a trip based on accurate real-time data and forecasting ability without hassle.

Crowdfree indicates crowd presence in stores and other public spaces, this data is displayed on a map and graphed based on the time of day and the day of the week. By searching for a location on the map, it is possible to collectively avoid transmission. 

Neura's ViruSafe powering Tripadvisors Crowdfree

The free tool is the first of its kind which enables you to easily and safely see risk scores down to the neighborhood you’re in or traveling to – and even the building level. Using your current location on the web or the mobile app, the current and future risk score of a certain place can be ascertained to make better travel decisions in the moment or in the future. This enables users to plan their day safely. 

Anyone wanting to implement the tool for their business or news site can do so by using the embed code and integrate real-time COVID-19 safety information directly into their website or app.

ViruSafe, Neura easy embed covid-19 risk score

For governments, ViruSafe works to keep residents safe and enable policymakers and municipalities to make better decisions with limited resources. Until now, tracing apps have failed because they’ve relied almost exclusively on flawed and delayed data sources. Those sources, which include slow testing or self-reported symptoms, do not lend an ability to proactively break the chain of infection. ViruSafe’s predictive, real-time capabilities help governments avoid full lockdowns that ruin business while ensuring problem areas that are more prone to spread get the greatest amount of assistance.

Members of the media can benefit from ViruSafe technology too, via embedded real-time data offered to their audience directly on their sites. The visual tool achieves the dual purpose of offering a compelling, interactive piece that is engaging for customers, while enabling large audiences of news organizations to have a greater sense of risks well beyond the numbers of cases. Currently, leading outlets such as The New York Times offer interactive mapping tools, of COVID-19 cases, but there’s plenty of opportunity to expand on the status quo.

Neura’s ViruSafe-driven interactive mapping capabilities for media outlets paint a full picture of transmission visibility. The rich tapestry of information provided to the user in real-time, keeps users better informed, engaged, and more likely to come back for further updates. The capability can be added to a news site effortlessly with the embed code Neura provides.

Vaccines are on the way and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the fight against COVID-19 is far from over. Those who travel deserve to be able to limit their risks, while governments and municipalities must focus their limited resources in order to save lives, and news sites need to inform beyond case numbers. ViruSafe technology can accomplish all of that, while future-proofing disaster response and the flow of critical information so that we’re not only better prepared to deal with this pandemic, but we’re also well equipped to deal with future challenges.


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