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Jonathan Raveh
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Mobile Engagement
The Current State of The App Industry

While classic digital media is stagnating and offline media is losing ground, the app industry is on its way to the top. The number of apps in Google Play and the Appstore is still rising, despite Google and Apple’s attempts to clean the stores from dysfunctional, malicious and outdated apps:


What’s pretty evident is the fact while both mobile operating systems are growing in the number of devices, there are continuously more apps being published and offered to users with Google taking the lead:


With smartphone saturation so high, the most common use of any service – through an app – is making the app industry prosper, with no signs of stopping in upcoming years:



The mobile industry, once a home to mostly small size developers, is now the home for all digital services, and inhabits publishers of all size. Considering the numbers of apps in each store, a mobile publisher releases more than 3 apps the store, on average:



The immense competition and growing number of publishers and apps, on one hand, and the growing number of smartphones and need for personalized, mobile services, turn the app business into a vibrant, dynamic arena in which only great products thrive, and most are trailing way behind, with very little distribution and market share:



The struggle for great looking products has now shifted. Users still want apps to have great design and UI, but the bar has been raised. Digital product nowadays are expected to provide a great UX combined with a flexible service or product personalized to each individual. The way to achieve this is by first applying a mechanism that understands and segments each user by his or her human behavior and traits, and then injecting personalization capabilities into the apps, by functionality or at the very minimum, by means of communication