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Shawn Stein
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Shopping & Retail
Stay Home & Shop: How Retail & Commerce Apps Combat Cart Abandonment

While Spring and Summer are usually the seasons for vacation getaways and travel time purchases, social distancing doesn’t allow for a very conducive in-person shopping experience. Thus, it’s crucial that retail and commerce apps effectively adjust their engagement strategies and targeting to align with current regulations.

Traditional mobile engagement campaign triggers (e.g., location data, time-based notifications) offer negligible information today as people have shifted to spending a large bulk of their time at home or at least largely away from others. In order to reach users at the right time for them during these unprecedented times, you need to understand users new in-home routines and mobility patterns in order to uncover moments of availability. Luckily, Neura can help you do this.

We help leading mobile apps leverage real-world behavioral data in their engagement campaigns to better understand users’ contexts and unique preferences. We do this by focusing on micro-segmentation such as when a user wakes up, when a user is done working for the day, when a user is about to sleep, etc., in order to help retail and commerce apps identify valuable moments of optimal availability.

Our behavioral insights platform offers fully anonymized smart AI analytics that enable mobile apps to understand who their customers are in the real world. We’ve seen engagement jump 93% with this data largely by allowing apps to send messages and notifications when users are actually available.

Here’s how you can use this data for your own retail and commerce app…

Industry Use-Cases

Do you know which users prefer to make purchases after they wake up? And which ones shop before they go to sleep? Do users shop more frequently because they’re spending more time at home, or has their purchase behavior changed to adjust to their new lifestyles during the shelter-in-place era? You can use our data to leverage these powerful behavioral contexts and segment audiences for more personalized content.

Understand your users’ daily in-home availability, mobility, and decipher between users who are fully in shelter-in-place and those that are fully mobile, to differentiate between the times individual users are working at home and the times they’re relaxing.

Discover mid day breaks, identify the moments of availability when users are looking to browse products, or send price drop alerts when they are receptive and able to respond. See when customers are finishing work and winding down for the day, as this is also an optimal time to re-engage and send a reminder about an abandoned cart. Or, for more mobile customers who are commuting, use behavioral and timeline data to see when they are most likely to scroll on your website as opposed to a cart check out. 

You can also target users with specific messages based on who they’re social distancing with: for customers with big families, tailor the messaging to highlight special bulk item deals, and for those who live alone, highlight deals most relevant to them.

Ready to Leverage This Data?

People may be shopping online more as opposed to in store, but they are still eager to fill their time with online shopping and retail therapy. Make sure your app is the one they choose to engage with, and get in touch to begin implementing personalized behavior data into your engagement campaigns.