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Jonathan Raveh
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud user? Add Neura to skyrocket user LTV

Salesforce Marketing Cloud®, one of the most popular marketing stacks in the world, has created a home for tools and services that empowers Salesforce for its clients. This ecosystem is known as ‘AppExchange.’ While Vendors in AppExchange are diverse and offer a vast range of products, they share a common goal — expanding and improving the functionality of Salesforce, which ultimately helps Salesforce clients succeed.

We are happy to announce that Neura is now officially integrated into Salesforce and offered through AppExchange.


How do Neura and Salesforce Marketing Cloud work together?

Neura intelligently transforms customer engagement by delivering powerful behavioral attributes and real-time events, based on each user’s real-world behavior, to Marketing Cloud campaigns.

Using Neura, Salesforce customers can now reach the right user with the right message using behavioral traits that provide powerful insights to each user’s unique lifestyle. Activate audiences like Hard Worker, Frequent Traveler, Sleep Deprived, Avid Runner, and more. Using Neura moments, Salesforce customers can now trigger journeys when the user wakes up, starts their morning commute, or relaxes at home, instead of while they are sleeping or driving.


Benefits of using Neura for Salesforce customers

  • Gain unprecedented visibility into each user’s lifestyle, preferences and needs.
  • Use filter criteria to create audiences based on each user’s level of activity or other Behavioral Profile data.
  • Uncover the Engagement Opportunities that boost business KPIs. Enable one-to-one engagement at scale — deliver personalized messaging and content that matches each user’s real-world interests.
  • Activate audiences in a journey using Neura True Personas, adapting to each user’s individual behavioral traits.
  • Dramatically impact business KPIs: using Neura for Salesforce will enable you to improve user retention by 60%, increase user engagement by 10X, and increase ARPU by 150%.


Working with Salesforce? Find Neura in the AppExchange here.