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Jonathan Raveh
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Neura Sponsors at Salesforce Connections

For over 150,000 businesses around the world, Salesforce is the beating heart of their marketing stack. But even Salesforce doesn’t cover every business need, nor does it try to. Salesforce created an ecosystem around itself, also known as AppExchange. Thousands of vendors offer a myriad of ways to enrich and expand the functionality of Salesforce – from the increase of analysis capabilities to the creation of unique mobile engagement scenarios.

Marketers who use Salesforce might be able to consolidate their entire software stack inside that ecosystem, connecting every task and every data point to one centralized system. The benefits of this are apparent, and the potential is limitless. AppExchange, the primary enabler of this potential, is at the heart of Salesforce Connections event.


Salesforce Connections is an annual event that will take place next week in Chicago (on June 17-19, 2019). It will focus on helping marketers build better customer experiences using Salesforce and its partners. Connections hosts senior executives and speakers that share some of their game-changing insights. It provides an excellent opportunity to meet marketers, inspire others, and get inspired from ideas that improve modern marketing.


Neura, which is integrated with Salesforce, will be exhibiting at Connections 2019. If you’re attending Connections, come and meet us at booth #29. You can also schedule a meeting in advance to learn how Neura enhances Salesforce abilities to dramatically impact engagement, retention, and LTV.