Shawn Stein
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Neura Selected by Several of The World’s Most Well-Known Brands For ‘Restarting Together’ Initiative

Neura’s behavioral intelligence platform’s solution was chosen for the prestigious initiative from a field of 500+ across 59 countries.

As the leader in AI-powered Behavioral Intelligence, we were selected for the ‘restarting together’ challenge, earning a benefits package that includes strategic partnerships. The challenge focused on innovative solutions that contribute to accelerating economic recovery and creating a more resilient society in the face of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neura’s solution was proven to be the best positioned for the “Revamping the Economy through Sustainable Growth” division. The platform enables governments to monitor and control the pandemic by identifying three main aspects of an effective containment strategy. Those aspects – preventative, selective, and specific – provide policymakers with the ability to make data-driven decisions in real-time and effectively deploy resources.

Neura transforms vast amounts of anonymized sensory data from millions of mobile devices using AI and machine learning, into actionable insights such as Social Distancing, Human Encounter Rate, Crowd-Gathering patterns, and Super-Spreader mobility patterns. Those same COVID-19 insights are also fused with pandemic data to create a risk score employed by HMOs and labs to pool low-risk samples together for faster, more effective test pooling.

Neura was awarded as the best solution after presenting to a board of innovation experts from 14 corporations, business schools, and the likes including: Boston Consulting Group, CEMEX, Telefónica, Airbus BizLab, BASF, BID Lab, Citi, Endeavor, IE, IESE Business School, MAPFRE, Microsoft for Startups, Navantia and South Summit.

“We are honored to be chosen for the ‘RestartingTogether’ initiative, it’s another strong vote of confidence in the results we produced and the incredible potential this platform has to get businesses going again. Thanks to Neura’s technology there doesn’t need to be the stark choice between safeguarding human life on one hand, and livelihood on the other, with this solution we can achieve both” said Neura’s Head of Global Marketing, Shawn Stein.

To learn more about RestartingTogether, click here.


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