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Shoshana Feld-Sobol
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Neura Deploys ViruScore™ First-Ever COVID-19 Predictive Testing Solution

Neura’s Behavior Intelligence Platform has deployed the first ever AI-based approach to pool testing, in our newest product: ViruScore™. 

ViruScore™  allows for the creation of a COVID-19 predictive testing solution utilizing machine learning technology to dramatically impact the ability to test populations based on their virus saturation levels

With the FDA’s announcement permitting the use of pooling to test for COVID-19, labs, HMOs and health organizations in the U.S. and abroad are capitalizing on the opportunity to test more individuals for COVID-19 while increasing efficiency, minimizing testing kit depletion, and maintaining accuracy

Pool testing enables 4-10 individuals to be tested for COVID-19 in the same testing batch, instead of using one kit for each individual without diluting accuracy. If the test pool comes back negative the entire batch is negative, if the batch comes back positive, each individual within the batch is then tested for COVID-19. 

In Neura’s study with HY Laboratories, the main provider of COVID-19 tests solutions in Israel, and one of the world’s top 5 HMOs, Neura’s ViruScore™ solution achieved 98% accuracy in test prediction across a sample size of 1,000 tests. As a result, Neura was able to create a population sample with 2% positive infection rate, producing an optimal environment for pool testing and enabling the HMO to increase capacity by 6X.

Three out of four models did not assign batches with even a single positive test to its lowest probability classification and the fourth assigned only a single positive test. Those results point to Neura’s human behavior based testing approach is playing a pivotal role in breaking infectious chains quicker, and potentially saving millions of dollars by reducing the number of tests required.

Neura’s solution is a significant leap forward for the deployment of behavioral-intelligence tech in the fight against COVID-19” said Neura’s CEO, Amit Hammer. “Being able to identify high and low-risk groups, future outbreaks, and behavioral Super-Spreaders is crucial to government efforts to fight the virus. With the recent FDA approval of COVID-19 test pooling, Neura’s insights will go even further in helping to slow and break down the chain of infection.”

ViruScore COVID-19 pool testing prediction

“As of today, we do not look only at the analytical and clinical utility of testing, but at the entire workflow and its implications on a much broader scale. Neura brings an out-of-the box approach and new possibilities for sample managing, achieving a powerful enhancement of the test pooling process.” said Tsofnat Cohen Lubetzky, Head of Business Development at Hylabs. “By leveraging Neura’s ViruScore™  solution, we are able to pool tests far more effectively, delivering much faster results, while helping to conserve supplies of vital testing kits, it has been an absolute and unequivocal breakthrough.”

Neura transforms vast amounts of anonymized sensory data from millions of mobile devices using AI and machine learning, into actionable insights such as Social Distancing Index, Human Encounter Rate, crowd-gathering patterns and Super-Spreader mobility patterns. These actionable insights are subsequently utilized by health organizations, municipalities, and governments to predict and contain the spread of COVID-19. 

As part of our newest offering, these same COVID-19 insights are fused with pandemic data to create a risk score. The score is employed by HMOs and labs to grade the probability of a positive or negative result on a four level scale ranging from “highest probability” to “lowest probability”.

Neura empowers organizations to drive strategic, data-driven decisions based on large scale human behavior and activity signals. Its Behavior Intelligence Platform transforms vast amounts of anonymized data into actionable, impactful and monetizable insights based on population behavior and lifestyle. 

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