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Jonathan Raveh
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Top 2019 Mobile Engagement Events

As the mobile industry has matured in the past few years, industry events and conferences have grown to be more specialized. With mobile marketing expected to achieve $100B in revenue by 2021, the UA (User Acquisition) side of mobile marketing is the most well-developed, with its fair share of focused events and conferences: App Promotion Summit is a popular event brand, with most discussions and lectures around campaign optimization, ASO, and creative. Mobile Growth Summit also hosts a well-known set of events, however most sessions revolve around advertising and focus less on mechanics and engagement. Not surprisingly, a large share of these events’ attendees belong to the ad tech industry, specifically ad networks.


Mobile games-focused events are also dime-a-dozen, with multiple PocketGamer, White Nights and Casual Connect conferences scheduled throughout the year. While gaming industry events tend to focus on a wider variety of topics—including game mechanics, user LTV and engagement—these events cater to gaming only, bringing less value to developers in other industries.


As the mobile industry matured over the last few years, two new events trends have emerged. The first trend is vendor-owned events, with major companies in the industry creating their own events as a platform to market their services. The second trend is the rise of diversified curriculum, that aims to create a more wholistic view of mobile marketing skills and domains rather than cater to specific aspects such as UA. These 2 trends have formed the top mobile engagement-related events:



Attracting over 1,700 attendees, MAU is undoubtedly the best app-focused event of the year. MAU (Mobile Apps Unlocked) is organized by Grow.co, and has become one of the leading conferences in the industry. Many of the attendees are decision-makers such as CMO and CEOs. The admission price is high, and most vendors get in through sponsoring the event, which keeps the number of vendors within a reasonable range and ensures high quality of conversations and networking. MAU also hosts a separate CRM/Retention track, dedicated to communication messaging, customer engagement and CRM in general.

When it comes to insight about growth, engagement and retention, MAU is that one event you don’t want to miss.

Date: May 1-2, 2019

Location: Las Vegas, US



Applause is another insightful conference focused on mobile growth. Created by Daniel Peris, the founder of PickASO and TheTool, the leading mobile ad agency and ASO tool, Applause features workshops, keynotes and discussions on various topics. While UA and ASO share the spotlight, half of the keynotes and panel discussions are focused on engagement, customer relationship, and CRM data. With a mostly European crowd, Applause is a must-attend if you are looking to develop engagement expertise.

Date: June 7, 2019

Location: Barcelona, Spain


 LTR (by Braze)

Since Braze is one of the worlds’ leading mobile engagement platforms, there’s no surprise that their annual event is 100% focused on mobile engagement. LTR (Long-Term Relationships) offers the most in-depth discussions and insights about engagement from various angles–user journey, mobile CRM data, product personalization, messaging & communications, and the human aspect of digital relationships. There isn’t a better engagement-focused event on the planet.

Date: October 2019

Location: New York, US


 Amplify (by Amplitude)

If LTR is the best engagement-focused event for growth marketers, Amplify wins the same award for product managers. Amplitude, a leader in app-focused product analytics, has constructed an event that highlights the enablement of growth through product analytics. From wireframes to growth modeling and intimate sessions with industry thought leaders, Amplify is the best event to attend if your desire is to learn how an optimized engagement strategy can be embedded in the core of your service, rather just in user communications.

Date: October 2019

Location, San Francisco, US


 Activate (by Iterable)

Activate is another interesting growth marketing conference with over 600 attendees. A cross-channel platform that caters to customer engagement marketers, Iterable hosts a Silicon Valley-focused conference with similar appeal to the East Coast’s LTR by Braze. Ripe with excellent networking potential for marketers, Activate also features its Growth Marketing Awards.

Date: April 22-24, 2019

Location: San Francisco, US



App Growth Summit is a new kind of app growth event. AGS is an invite-only event, smaller in size and with very limited participation from vendors. With a usual crowd of 200-400 attendees, the discussions and keynotes include a diverse mix of UA, product growth and engagement topics, with emphasis on a wholistic approach to mobile growth.

Dates: February 7, April 4, May 23, July 11, August 29, October 24, December 5.

Locations: LA (US), New York (US), Berlin (Germany), Seattle (US), São Paulo (Brazil), SF (US), Singapore (Singapore).


As true believers in the power of engagement to generate growth, Neura will participate in many engagement-focused events in 2019. If you’re planning on showing up to any of these events, we’d be happy to meet you there! Just drop us a line to schedule a meeting.