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User Retention
The real trends and habits of mobile app users (Infographic)

A shift has occurred over the past few years; more digital products and services are becoming mobile-first, and growth marketers are investing more in mobile engagement. However, app user engagement optimization and attribution are still mostly dependent on the digital footprint of a user – click patterns, time of engagement, social media interests, etc. While these metrics provides some value, it’s becoming evidently clear that human context, rather than just user context, is crucial in order to achieve superior user experience and high retention rates.


Human context is the heart of understanding the relationship between real-world behavior and the actions users take in your app. We conducted the first in a series of researches of human traits and real-world situations, using data from more than 120,000 users. We attributed real-world user behaviors to critical engagement events – app opens and engagements attempts (SMS, Push, Email) – to understand why users engage when they do and how these insights can be used to increase user engagement KPIs.


This new research aims to break the barrier between online and offline behavior. When used in engagement campaigns, these insights allow app developers to engage their users based on who they actually are and what they do in the real world.


Check out the complete infographic below. Stay tuned for our next report!


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